About Lisa

I’m Lisa, and this blog is about my journey toward better overall health, which includes weight loss, exercise, and mental health.

You’re not going to find tips, recipes, and diet information here.  Well, not primarily, anyway; I’ve decided to create this blog for other reasons, and they are:

  • After struggling with my weight my whole life, and at one point losing 140 pounds, I’ve arrived at the conclusion that no weight loss effort can be truly successful if your core way of thinking doesn’t change.  I’ll be spending a lot of time talking about the mental struggles I go through, in hopes of not only reminding myself that I am capable of doing this (again!), but that others might learn something from it about themselves or a loved one.
  • My own attitudes and ideas toward the actual process of losing weight are unproven, and probably a little on the unaccepted side.  For instance, I don’t believe that all people burn calories the same way; if that were the case, anyone wishing to lose weight could do so after learning elementary math.  How my body burns fuel isn’t how your body burns fuel.  Therefore, I’m not about to presume to tell anyone what will work for them.  I also think that certain diets are more appropriate for some than others, and that diet success goes beyond calories in, calories out.  That’s certainly a factor, but again, I think it narrows down to how any one person’s body handles fuel, and that can change within that one person’s lifetime many times over.  What worked for you before may not work for you, again.
  • While I appreciate support and readership, this blog is for me. I do it to remain accountable. I have publicly declared my intentions to lose weight, and the more people there are holding my toes to the fire, the more likely I am to keep that commitment.

That said, this blog is about getting healthier through weight loss and exercise, and it wouldn’t be complete without some mention of the methods I use.  The methods I use are not universal and may not work for you.  They may not even work for me!

If you’ve come here looking for answers, I highly suggest you read my blog post Don’t Stop Me Now, which addresses the methods I’m using to lose weight.