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The news is in, my friends — I’m officially healthier than ever! And not only that. I finally broke through to a new low!

I had a wellness exam done, complete with biometric screening, for our health insurance. While I don’t fit the insurance industry’s picture of health (hello, BMI!), all of my other numbers are beyond reproach. I am absolutely thrilled with my lab report, and it’s direct proof that the path I’ve chosen to follow is extending my life by improving my health.

While I have never been one to mention the methods I have used to lose weight (and won’t, now), I will say that I’ve had plenty of people tell me over the years that these methods are unsustainable and unhealthy. For the most part, while these people mean well, they have shown that the standard mindset is that there’s only one way to skin this particular cat. And that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Not me. But I sure do feel this way!

This is exactly why I don’t openly discuss my methods in this blog. The simple, direct reason is that just because my methods work for me does not mean they will work for you — or anyone else. Each of us has to find that perfect balance that produces results. Each of us has to travel our own path, not borrow someone else’s.

Those critics — the ones who believe I am making myself unhealthy — disagree with my doctors, who actually have seen the results and have had nothing but praise. And why not? My cholesterol numbers are beyond perfect, my blood sugar numbers are (finally!) normal and healthy, my blood pressure is spot on, I have been able to reduce my medications, and I am thrilled with this progress. After all, this is a journey toward health, not opinion.

Meanwhile, although the scales had not seen a new low since last April (until this morning! Yay!), my body size and measurements continue to change. This is one of the biggest reasons for not being scale-dependent; while I admit that I like seeing lower numbers, there, it’s the overall stats that matter.

The lower size in my clothing. The number of inches on the decline. A total cholesterol number a full 25 points lower than last year, and I thought last year’s number was pretty good. Blood pressure numbers going down. The number of steps per day and total distances I can walk? Going up.

These are the truer indicators of successfully becoming healthier, regardless of scale numbers, based on science rather than opinion. But it’s awfully nice to have the scale agree, as well.

I used to spend my days dreaming about being in the exact place I am at this very moment. The future is here; I no longer have to anticipate, to wonder, to wait on when things will get better. And that’s the best indicator of all.


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