Knee Deep


I’m in the midst of post-vacation recovery. Two weeks ago, I was basking in the Caribbean sunshine; tonight, I had to secure my outdoor tropical plants because there’s a freeze warning out.

Having had the chance to step away from my normal life for a week served both as a reminder of my old life and the future I have ahead of me, as long as I am steadfast and dedicated to making my health a top priority.

It’s easy to get lazy. It was easy enough, for a week, to let go of my regimen and simply relax. Who wouldn’t want to live that way every single day? Not get on a scale every morning? Eat different and exotic foods, and not worry (much) about how much sugar is in it?

I honestly feel physically better when I am on track, but that doesn’t mean I yearned for my structured life as soon as I returned. There was a healthy part of my brain that tried to convince me that I didn’t need to rush back to my regimen, did I? Really? How much damage could I possibly do in just a few days? Why not extend things just a bit?

Is the tide gonna reach my chair?

There are times when I am more likely to be tempted off track. Vacations, special occasions, holidays. Let’s face it — it’s fun to get away and not worry for a bit; not about anything at all, and certainly not about the big things in life, and for me, being in control of my physical state is one of the big things… and always will be.

Coming back from vacation didn’t just mean wrapping my head around work and getting back to the grind, or unpacking my suitcases and putting away the warm weather clothes now that November’s winds have invaded. Coming back also meant accepting that the food holiday was over and that my body would need time to adjust.

While I loved being on vacation and would happily make jokes about staying in that beautiful sunshine forever, the reality is that few of us can sail off into the sunset without consequence. My idea of heaven might be full of turquoise waters and rum cocktails, but my reality is here, caring for my family, working on my future. Coming home meant it was time to transition back into getting serious and working toward my goals; career, personal, health.

I have a lot on my plate over the months to come and having that hiatus meant coming back refreshed and ready to push forward, even if there’s part of me that would prefer watching the tide reach my chair.


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