Some Day

I’ve spent the last few days taking care of a lot of my “some day” pile. Most of us have one; the things tucked away that you’ll tend to, well, sooner or later. (Or sometimes not at all.)

Mine included a receipt scanner I bought nearly two years ago with the intention of scanning everything I got for business. I also took out a humidifier I bought during the summer because the price was lower, then, but it’s just been sitting there in the box, because Arkansas summers are long and humid without help. I’ve moved around some lamps and gotten several lamps and appliances on smart plugs so I can be lazy and give them orders at my leisure. For the ultimate in cozy-lazy, I can now make both sides of the bed warm up on command so I don’t have to walk alllll the way down the hallway to physically turn on the controls.

Be proud along the way, too.

This is just a little part of the various things I’ve been moving, storing, sorting, trashing, ordering, washing, folding, applying, and coordinating over the past few days. I’m more of a fall cleaner than a spring cleaner, but I’ve never been horribly good at doing things everyone else does.

On the one hand, constantly having a “some day” pile shows some hope for the future; we get these things in order to make our lives easier. On the other, letting things stagnate in that “some day” pile, at least to me, creates a dissonance. That addition to the pile is something we want, but for whatever reason, we’ve chosen not to take on the task right now.

I used to live my life in “some day” mode. I lived in dissonance and frustration. I had hopes for a better me, but I wasn’t willing to put in the work. I had, in truth, shelved my own needs and flogged myself for not working toward them.

It’s an easy enough thing to do. The big “some day” things are likely the ones we think of, first; the big vacation, retirement, or other shiny things in the future we hope for. Those aren’t the “some day” items I refer to; I see those more as bucket list items.

No, the “some day” things I speak of are the ones we push down the road to attend to at some other time. Maybe it’s a nuisance. Maybe it’s a lot of work that we don’t really want to commit to at this moment. Maybe it’s something that seems too much of an ask, so we simply don’t. Or maybe we feel we’re sure to fail, so we keep that “some day” hope alive while fearing, inside, it’ll never happen.

Some day, I won’t wear plus-size clothing. Some day, I’ll walk a mile and it won’t be any big deal. Some day, I’ll walk without a cane and not rely on anyone else to push me around in a wheelchair. Some day, I’ll get my music back. Some day, I’ll make it through the day and be proud of myself at the end of it instead of fearing for my health. Some day.

All of those have come to pass, but I spent years — no, decades — dreaming of those things, pushing them away because I thought they were impossible.

“Some day” can be today. Today can be the day to start taking action and stop kicking the can down the road. Today can be the day we chose to start a metamorphosis.

In that light, today is the day I chose to set my goals and start the process of achieving them, and I won’t stop until I’m proud.

What about you? Is today your “some day”?

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