Goals, Not Resolutions

It’s New Year’s Eve and a normal time for introspection, reviewing the past year, looking toward the future. And of course, weight loss gimmicks; I’m sure my social media newsfeeds will be filled with the normal glot of “diets” that inevitably fail.

Like so many others, I’ve had a tough year. There’s been good in it, of course; to completely dwell on the bad diminishes the good. From a personal standpoint, I reached my lowest weight, yet. I was able to travel. I turned 60 when I have a couple of people in my immediate family that barely reached that age. I have my health; I’ve been fully vaccinated and boosted, and I have (so far) remained Covid-free, as has my husband.

Such a money-making opportunity!

It’s also been a year of trials, starting with losing my mother, and the heartache and headache of dealing with her estate. It’s been a challenging year for work, for keeping my mental attitude in check. I’ve struggled somewhat and regained the weight I fought so hard to lose; while some up and down is expected, my gains exceeded what I would consider normal and allowable.

Looking forward, I am ready to leave this year and its trials behind me. I have goals and plans in place; rather than trying to change my life in drastic ways, I’m anticipating a return to the normal I’ve chosen over recent years. I am at my best when I am in control of my thoughts and emotions, my environment, my situation. When I lose control over any facet, I feel that on a deep level, and I want to correct the things that feel out of whack. That includes how good my body feels when I’m treating it properly, and the personal satisfaction I feel when I am doing my best.

I set daily goals rather than long-term resolutions. My goals are simple, really: when I wake up, I hope to spend the day in a way that matters. When I lay my head down to sleep, I want to feel comfort from that day well spent. What I now do are not changes, but rather, returns to habits I have invested myself in. I set my goals on the things I know will bring me peace, satisfaction, happiness.

I have no idea what’s in store for the year ahead, but I do know that if I am at my best, I can more easily meet the challenges ahead without losing myself to them. Knowing that gives me the strength to overcome the bad and the grace to enjoy the good. These are the things that take me home rather than changing to the unfamiliar, where I’m more likely to fail.

My wish for you in the coming year is that you may find the same things.

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